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ARINA has briefed, design managed and delivered numerous multi-million AU dollar projects. In many instances this has been done in an association with a major architecture firm, either as part of their team or as a university appointed breifing architect and design manager. A building is only as good as its brief and as these projects have been cost effective, functionally well designed and well received by the client it is a testimony to the process.

Monash BLTB-300x200

Monash Biomedical Learning and Teaching building
(with DCM)

UNSW TETB_1-300x200

UNSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building
(with FJMT Architects)

UNSW Law_1-300x200

(with Lyons Architects)

UNSW Scientia-2-300x200

UNSW John Niland Scientia Building
(with MGT Architects)

City of-Perth-Library_1-300x200

City of Perth Library
(with Kerry Hill Architects)

AFFRIC Deakin_1-300x200

(with Woodhead)

ACIKE_1 300x200

Charles Darwin ACIKE Indigenous Centre
(with DKJ Projects)

UTAS Centenary%20informal_10-300x200

UTas TSBE relocation and refurbishment of Centenary Building (ARINA)

UNSW Clancy-Auditorium-ArchARINA-300x200

UNSW Clancy Auditorium refurbishment

Hope Theater_1-300x200

UoW Hope Theatre Renovation

CREO Lab-300x200

UoS CREO Pharmacy Labs

RIDBC welwyn-300x200

RIDBC Welwyn Centre (Cochlear hearing training) (ARINA)

Design Associations

In addition to providing briefs for major projects ARINA has worked directly with Australian and International award winning Architects to assist in the delivery of significant university projects.
They include;

- Lyons
- Architectus
- Kerry Hill Architects
- Denton Corker Marshall 
- Hayball
- Woodhead

Major Projects (over $30M)

University of NSW

- Law Building [Brief and Design Management: architect Lyons] 

- John Niland Scientia Building [Brief and Design Management: architect MGT]

- Tyree Energies Technology building and PV pilot line [Brief, coordination of an international architect selection and Design Management: architect FJMT]

- Centre of Fine Arts (COFA) [Brief and AV specification: architect Architectus]

Deakin University

- Carbon fibre research facility and pilot line (AFFRIC)  [Brief and Design Management including Documentation and laboratories specification: architect Woodhead]

- Building P (Film and Performing Arts) [Brief & design coordination]

Univerity of Technology Sydney

- UTS Science Faculty relocation to Building 4 including Superlab [Brief]

Charles Darwin University

- ACIKE indigenous Centre [Brief: architect DKJ]

Monash University

- Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building (BLTB) [Brief and Concept: architect DCM]

City of Perth

- Central Library [Brief: architect Kerry Hill Architects]

City of Fremantle

- Library [Brief: architect Kerry Hill Architects]

Other Significant Projects Briefed and Delivered by ARINA

- UTas Tasmanian School Business and Economics
- University of Wollongong Hope Theatre redevelopment
- Curtin UG superlab [Brief only]
- Institute for Deaf and Blind Children; The Welwyn Centre
- University of Newcastle; Oral health, New teaching suites
- University of NSW; Matthews Lecture Theatres refurbishment
- Macquarie University; Animal House 
- Centre for Regional Education, Uni of Sydney, Orange; Biology and Pharmacy Laboratory and Nursing lecture rooms 
- University of NSW Goldstein Hall; Level 1 refurbishment and new CATS rooms
- University of Western Sydney; Building 17 Office accommodation fitout
- The University of Sydney; New Research and Lecture Building
- UNSW Dance Facility
- UNSW Clancy Auditorium refurbishment
- Macquarie University School of Contemporary Music [Brief and Delivery]
- NAISDA Dance and Recording Studios for NSW Public Works and Services [Brief and Documentation did not proceed]
- ABC studios upgrade, Melbourne


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