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Master Plans and Spatial Analysis are key ARINA signature services. These services often start with a desktop study to determine the Gap of existing space which is compared to applicable benchmarks. Together with consultation and site reviews this analysis is used to determine the capacity of the campus, precinct or facility.
Additional consultation guides the development of business cases, project definitions and concepts to suit the needs of the study. Where required this information is further developed into either full physical masterplan studies with a detailed stategic framework of projects or detailed project briefs.


UTAS Inversek MP site imaging

UNSWAsia Arch_KerryHill-300x200-19

UNSW Asia MP imaging
(with Kerry Hill Architects)

La Trobe-Bundoora-300x200

(with Lyons Architects)

Curtin MP_2-300x200

Curtin Uni Academic Core MP

UTAS STEM-nightview-300x200

UTAS STEM Hobart city site imaging and planning

Murdoch Library_3-300x200

Murdoch Library masterplan and imaging

Spatial Analysis and Space Planning

Whilst every project has its own challenges there are also unique opportunities and ARINA analyse existing conditions, conduct appropriate consultation and deliver business cases to our clients. These plan options span physical buildings through to Teaching and Learning strategies. This information is suitable for development into full project definitions and briefing or into physical masterplan options.

University of Tasmania

- STEM analysis and subsequent project definition for new Hobart precinct

- Student accommodation studies for CBD

- Domain analysis for DCoTa

- Consolidation scenarios for relocation of parts of Sandy Bay to CBD

Curtin University

- Academic Core space analysis

- Science programn and project definition of an UG superlab facility and research facilites including an analytical centre

Murdoch University

- Physical and Health Sciences research laboratories study

- Library consolidation and masterplan

La Trobe University

- Library consolidation master plan

- Teaching and Learning Bundoora and Bendigo campus studies

Australian Catholic University

- Library consolidation master plan

University of Wollongong

- University of Wollongong: Nursing Space analysis

Australian National University

- Preparatory existing space analysis and consultation (masterplan prelude)

Macquarie University

- Teaching and Learning master plan for North Ryde campus

National University of Singapore

- All of Science space analysis and fit-for-purpose study

Campus and Precinct Masterplanning

University of Tasmania

- Southern Campus Revitalisation Project

ARINA provided Masterplans or partial Masterplans for four campuses; Sandy Bay, STEM (Melville St), Domain and the MSP. This included all aspects of campus design, including physical planning and visualisations. The STEM project component of this is still in progress.

- Inveresk Campus Masterplan (Launceston)

ARINA provided a concept Masterplan for this campus, including notional building designs. UTas has now split Masterplanning between Inverersk (MCR) and Inveresk and the South (ARINA). This included options to rationalise Newnham campus.

La Trobe University

- Bundoora and Bendigo campuses.

ARINA developed full masterplans for both campuses both of which required full fit-fo- purpose auditing of the Teaching and Learnng suites, library masterplans and retail analysis.

Flinders University

- Sturt Precinct Strategy Plan.

This is a masterplan for a sub-campus of Flinders University. ARINA provided all aspects of this, including physical planning. This project was delivered in two phases, two years apart. 

University of Canberra

- Urban Plan

ARINA provided all the underpinnings to the physical masterplan, including participating in the physical masterplanning process.


- Changi Campus Masterplan

ARINA worked with Kerry Hill Architects as the physical planners to provide a masterplan for all academic and accommodation aspects of the proposed Changi campus. As a ‘Design Manager’ we provided the brief and controlled the design process and consultation..

University of NSW

- Kensington Campus Masterplan

Graham Parry, who is now part of the ARINA team, was Associate Director of UNSW Falcilities Management and responsible for delivering the UNSW campus masterplan. ARINA assisted in delivering aspects of this over a period of ten years, most of which was spent working on changes to the original ‘Chesterman' masterplan which had become ineffective due to the university’s rate of growth.


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